#1 App to find new people
#1 App to find new people

Spontaneously discover new people in your area

This is exactly where you find the right friends with the same interests! One app – many faces.

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allnewfaces is the app to discover new people

Matching Interests

With us you will find people who share your interests and who are a perfect match for you. With us you will find like-minded people. Completely individual.

Lively chats

What could be nicer give than receive great messages? Come to our lively chats guaranteed no boredom.

A day at the beach

With us you can relax enjoy your time and leave your valuables unattended on the beach to let. We guarantee – your data is safe

Just as you like

You have the option to stay in chat or start the next one so you can make friendships that will last forever and ever. It depends on you. Your decision.

Your groups with like-minded people

Whether kayaking, travelling, swimming or gaming. You state your interests and find like-minded people in groups who share your interests.​

At allnewfaces you will discover individual group chats tailored to you.
It is your decision whether you want to stay in the group or not. You can first get to know the people in peace.

tik tok. Group chat expires.

Tick ​​tock, tick tock, the clock is ticking and ticking. Your group chats will be resolved within 24 hours. But don’t worry – within this time you and your group members will have the opportunity to keep the chat alive. All you have to do is vote for the majority of the chat members and the group chat will remain. This is how we ensure that there are only people in a group chat who are really interested in each other and that the chat is not filled with silent lambs.

#1 app for meeting new people


On allnewfaces you not only get to know people with the same interests. You make friends. The special thing is that we attach great importance to data security. Also, you can feel free to stay in the groups or not. We have a groundbreaking anti-ghosting algorithm that makes it possible to have no more ghosting.

Tick ​​Tock

Tick ​​tock, tick tock, the clock is ticking and ticking. Your group chats will be resolved within 24 hours.



Who does not know it – you write to each other and then. And then? Yes, nothing and then. This is ghosting. Thanks to the development of a unique algorithm, it is possible to prevent ghosting.


Cookies for everyone

Within the group we offer exciting discounts and events. So it never gets boring. You discover the best possibilities.



Data protection and data security 100% Made in 🇩🇪! Your data belongs only to you.


Best friends live 500km away? Not with us, you will find the most exciting people in your area.

Hand in Hand

You + We = 💚. Together with you we develop the app. Your ideas and opinions are incorporated directly to 100%.


Discover new ways

We have developed the best app for you. Try it yourself and get excited.

Available on IOS & Android.